​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dawn Thompson of D’Marie Studios is a photographer and digital artist who specializes in creating
unique Montage, Landscape, and other Fine Art from her photographs.
I choose subjects  and places to photograph based on how I feel when I look at them.  I would like to share
that same feeling with you.   
I like to find and create luminous, idyllic, and atmospheric spaces to dwell in as I think art helps heal our souls.  
We all have problems and challenges in life, but for me the one thing that remains constant is that with my photography I can take an ordinary photograph and make it special so that anyone can join me there and escape for a moment the daily pressures of life.
That is what you are looking at with my photography.  I may not know where I'm going once I start working with
a photograph, or how I'm going to enhance it to convey its beauty, power, or tranquility but I always know once I get the look I'm after.  
      The element of surprise and pure joy I get by working this way with my photographs is what drives my creativity.
            Dawn Thompson Photography and D'Marie Studios was established in August 2011.  
All images are protected by United States copyright law, with all rights reserved to Dawn Thompson Photography and D'Marie Studios.  Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.



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Lake Michigan - Landscape

Photograph taken of Lake Michigan along US 2 in Michigan's Upper Peninsula just west of St. Ignace where the dunes are.